Xero Online Accounting Course

Xero is one of the most important softwares to learn for a Singaporean business owner in 2022.

After all, business is all about the numbers. Without knowing your sales and profit margins, you can’t run your business successfully. Hire too many people and your business becomes unprofitable. Too few machines and you’re not using the most of your capital and resources.

In our Xero online accounting course, you will be taught the basics of accounting. You’ll also learn the basics of Xero, as well as how to interpret reports from Xero.

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Quick Takeaways

  • Xero is one of the most important softwares for a business owner to learn.
  • Every small business owner needs to do some accounting at the beginning and you have to make sure that your bookkeeping is accurate since it’ll be used in your tax filing with the government.
  • Xero is a “cloud software” which means that it can be used from anywhere by logging onto your account at Xero.com. A cloud software is Google Sheets whereas the opposite to that would be Excel.
  • You’ll learn everything you need in the Xero course including creating journal entries and integrating Xero with add-ons like Hubspot.
  • Our Xero accounting course are both conducted online and in-person.
  • We have short few days courses and longer month-long courses.


Accounting is a crucial part of business. But many business owners are still unfamiliar with bookkeeping and finance. Therefore, our Xero bookkeeping training has been designed just for business owners!

Specifically, our Xero accounting online course has been designed to be practical for Singaporean SME owners who don’t need to know complex account rules. Rather, you should be familiar with accounting terms and Xero features that SMEs actually use, such as accounts receivables. You should be able to start managing your business Xero account by the end of the course.

WLP Academy’s Xero bookkeeping training is similar to many universities’. However, our Xero online course has a focus on applying knowledge on real life situations. Many of our students are business owners or business analysts at local Singaporean firms. Therefore we encourage students to pull up their own books and use those numbers while learning to use Xero during the course.

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud accounting system used by businesses worldwide. This basically means that Xero is a tool that allows businesses to track all transactions, and categorise them into their respective income or expense accounts. All this data will be stored online (or the “cloud”). Users can then generate detailed reports for business managers to look over. Most accountants are asked by management to generate financial revenue forecasts and to project expenses. This can be easily done within a few hours since all your data is stored and organised by Xero on the cloud.

For example, a business manager is able to generate an income statement with a single click. He can then look over figures of different expense categories to decide where to cut costs. WLP Academy’s Xero accounting course will show you the different types of categories and the different statements that you can generate.

Due to its popularity, Xero has even formed a partnership with local Singaporean bank DBS. With this new integration, business owners with corporate bank accounts with DBS will be able to get data on transactions automatically. This saves up the accountant’s time from manually importing data into Xero.

During the Xero accounting course, we will show you how the DBS and Xero integration works. We’ll show you how you can set this up yourself. It’s super simple and there’s always our technical assistants walking around the classroom if you can’t keep up with the Xero instructor.

What will I learn in the Xero online accounting course?

During the Xero online training programme, you will learn:

  • Features and functions within Xero
  • Complete walkthrough of Xero accounting system
  • How to navigate within Xero
  • Introduction to Xero app marketplace
  • How to use Xero apps and add-ons such as Stripe and Hubspot where you can integrate and link Xero transactions with Hubspot prospects

What will the Xero online training programme be like?

The Xero online training programme will be conducted over Zoom. Our trainer will have a Powerpoint slide shared with the class while speaking and introducing everyone during the Xero software training

During the Xero online course, students can comment in the chat or raise their hand if they have a question. They can then unmute their mike to speak and the trainer will then share his answers with the rest of the class.

In addition, there will be breakout groups and group work during the Xero bookkeeping course. You will be able to chat and work with other students. This is a great way to network and get to know people within the accounting and business industry in Singapore! During the breakout groups, you will be assigned to categorise expenses into different categories. You may also be asked to depreciate an asset such as a machine, or even determine a company’s profitability!

How is WLP Academy’s Xero accounting course structured? 

Please note that this is subject to change depending on the course’s level of difficulty and time of reading. We update our syllabus in order to ensure that all our teachings reflect the newest versions of Xero and latest accounting practices.

Our Xero accounting course is divided into 5 modules. Each module will focus on a different area of Xero and accounting. The modules are:

  1. Introduction to Xero. This includes the history of Xero and may include old versions of Xero as some companies have yet to update their software.
  2. How to use Xero to create journal entries and correctly record different types of incomes and expenses.
  3. How to use Xero to create invoices. This is especially important as creating invoice is the only thing standing between businesses and generating revenue. This is especially important for service businesses where all payments are completed through sending invoices. On the other hand, businesses that sell products (online) will need to integrate their Xero account with Stripe. We will cover this in more detail during our Xero online accounting course.
  4. How to interpret reports generated by Xero. This is typically covered in a university accounting course. This includes reading the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

What will I get by completing WLP Academy’s Xero online course?

Upon completion of the Xero accounting course, you will be able to leverage on Xero’s features to manage your business. You will be able to track all cash inflows and outflows. You will be able to use Xero to create invoices to bill your customers. Most importantly, you will be able to analyse Xero’s reports and identify areas of improvements in your business. 

Everything a business bean counter should be able to do!

You will also receive WLP Academy’s certification which is recognised across Singapore. Though a university accounting or business degree is typically required when applying for a bookkeeping position, certifications from private schools have shown to help interviewees stand apart from other applicants.

Quick FAQs

How long does it take to learn Xero?

If you enrol in our Xero accounting course, it would take not more than a month for you to gain expertise in Xero. Our skilled professionals know all the shortcuts on Xero and will help you to learn everything!

Will I have access to the training materials if I miss a class?

Once you enrol in our courses at WLP Academy, you will have access to the training materials forever. You can watch our training videos online if you miss our online classes due to an unavoidable circumstance.

Will I get support after the course?

Yes, you will. Our trainers at WLP Academy will make sure that your issues and queries are resolved. We will help even after you are done with our Xero accounting course. Our trainers are more than happy to help after class too!

How will Xero training help me?

Our online courses about Xero software will teach you the basic key skills and will guide you throughout the process. If you are a beginner who has little to no clue about Xero, our courses will help you learn the essentials.

Can I still use Xero if I have a Macbook or Windows computer?

You can log into your Xero account on their website at xero.com. It’s accessible on Mac or Windows.

My SME already works with an accounting firm. Why should I attend this Xero accounting course?

It’s great to have a professional accountant do your bookkeeping and making sure that your books are in line with government regulations. The Singaporean government has some bookkeeping requirements for SMEs so you’d always like to make sure that you’re on top of that.

But that doesn’t mean that you can understand financial statements. Having an accountant do your accounting doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly understand what “accounts payables” are, why they’re important, or the difference between an income statement and cash flow statement.

These numbers represent your business. Bookkeeping is more than keeping up with government regulations. It’s important information that help you make decisions as a SME owner and leader of your company.

Our Xero accounting instructors will go over Xero and accounting basics. Learning accounting gives you an advantage over other SME owners in Singapore.

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Where can I sign up?

To sign up for our Xero bookkeeping course, contact us today! We have a variety of Xero courses from Xero courses online to part-time Xero courses.

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